kelompok Sekat Bakau Bersama Yayasan Gambut

Mangrove Planting in Buruk Bakul Village

Buruk Bakul is one of the villages located in the coastal area of ​​Indonesia which is administratively included in the Bukit Batu District, Bengkalis Regency, Riau Province. Buruk Bakul has a fairly high mangrove potential like other villages along the coast of the Bengkalis Strait. The dominant types of mangroves include mangroves (Rhizophora sp), Api-api (avicennia sp), nyireh (xylocarpus granatum), shoots (sonerratia sp) and nipah (nypa fruticants).

Planting Mangrove along the river

Based on information from the Sekat Bakau Community Group in Buruk Bakul Village, there has been an abrasion of 30 meters from 2016-2021, if it is not mitigated, the abrasion can continue to increase and consume the land of the Bad Bakul village. In response to this problem, the Sekat Bakau group, which is supported by  Yayasan Gambut, planted mangroves around the village coast which could potentially lead to abrasion.

Planting Mangrove along the coastal

Efforts to plant mangroves carried out by the Yayasan Gambut together with the Sekat Bakau group have so far recorded that 6,225 seeds have been planted, which are supported by various parties and non-governmental organizations.

Mangrove planting in degradation area by Yayasan Gambut from 2019

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